Who we are

MILGROUP is a Colombian company, with offices in Bogota, fully oriented to support its military and law enforcement sector clients. MILGROUP is acknowledged as one of the leading distributors of defense, security and search and rescue systems and other essential equipment to both; the Colombian Ministry of Defense and to the oil, gas and mining industries in this country. The senior leadership of our firm consists of former Colombian Army officers, U.S. Marines combat veterans, Colombian SME’s military consultants, former Senior Advisors to the Colombian MoD and a highly-trained analytical and operational staff “armed” with a healthy understanding of logistics. Our consultants and the entire personnel at MILGROUP are fully bi-lingual and bi-cultural BD experts. Our employees have an impressive network of government connections allowing us to understand the Colombian Military culture, the social and political environment, and above all, understand the decision-making process by recognizing the internal and external factors that play a key role in military spending in this country. The managerial skills of our sales team and the fluid knowledge of our clients needs — which is knowledge that goes into every product we distribute — has evolved directly from our long military experience in the field and in the great tradition of extreme attention to detail which is deeply rooted in the company’s origins in the U.S.

MILGROUP doesn’t only sell equipment. We sell new combat capabilities oriented to deliver superior and cost-efficient solutions. Because we provide the Colombian Armed Forces with fully customizable contract vehicles and creative purchasing formats, we can help your company win more government contracts, which makes our firm a smart partner — and a robust distributor — in this attractive and growing market.

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