Business Strategy

When choosing a local sales agent, an “in country” distributor or a channel partner you should always ask if they have a plan to promote and sale your products. In our case, the questions is: What’s the strategy we will implement to create purchasing preference for your products and services here in Colombia?

Answer: By using a duly vetted and properly selected team of former high ranking and recently retired Colombian officers capable of shaping and influencing active duty decision makers and program managers currently working on new weapon systems acquisition projects. U.S. defense firms that hire Latin-American experts to design a tailor-made culturally sensitive marketing strategy easily create purchasing preference, immediately outflank the competition and expedite the purchasing cycle to favor your offer. Using a well connected and fully bi-cultural Colombian distributor — that specialize in market intelligence and brand strategy for U.S. and European defense companies — will probably reduce your risk, ensure that your targeted growth levels are achieved in months — and not in years – and effectively increase your sales power via a string of RFP’s and purchase orders.

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