Capture Planning

The final objective of having a local agent or a commercial representative in Colombia is to implement consistent methods to assess the value of new or current opportunities while providing means to understand the realistic competitive probabilities. The accumulation of this vital data allows MILGROUP to create a smart Business Plan and a realistic Capture Plan for each branch of the Armed Forces and then, assign sales targets to each market segment. Without accurate market data your growth strategy for market penetration it is most likely… seriously off-track.

To this end, and before accepting the responsibility to represent a new manufacturer in Colombia, MILGROUP hire or internally develop a complete market intelligence assessment — from each targeted end user – that includes, competitor activities, current military or law enforcement requirements, end user available budgets for specific programs and overall long term funding levels for a particular weapon system or equipment. Then, and if the numbers match… (and if some of these end users already have the operational need and the funding) we make the pursue-not-pursue decision to help you enter the Colombian markets with a new product.

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