Competitive Intelligence

Attempting to penetrate foreign markets without a full understanding of your client’s needs, purchasing preferences and available budgets can lead to an increase in risk, frustration, and to the expenditure of unnecessary funds. Understanding military markets and customers is the bedrock on which business planning and strategy are built. Without knowing your customer’s needs, wants and understanding their true operational demands, your business will be under constant threat from competitors and may be failing to extract the maximum value from your market. Then, and to avoid surprises… you should probably use Market Intelligence (MI).

A well connected local agent will provide your company with timely identification of key drivers on each market to enable you to detect past and future trends, and also understand the variables and factors that affect the purchasing decisions of key / senior general officers and program managers.

U.S. and European defense firms that hire Latin-American experts to design a tailor-made culturally sensitive marketing strategy easily create purchasing preference, immediately outflank the competition and expedite the purchasing cycle to favor your offer. Using a well connected and fully bi-cultural Latin-American management consulting firm — that specialize in market intelligence and brand strategy for U.S. and European defense companies — will probably reduce your risk, ensure that your targeted growth levels are achieved in months — and not in years – and effectively increase your sales power via a string of purchase orders and RFP’s.

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