MILGROUP is a participant vendor in multiple Colombian Ministry of Defense acquisition programs. Through periodic equipment acquisition programs MILGROUP provides a broad scope of operational equipment, training, and logistics support solutions. Among the most attractive benefits the Colombian Armed Forces enjoy when operating with MILGROUP is the fact they are dealing with a single point of contact capable of fulfilling most of their operational requirements.

MILGROUP streamline and make the entire procurement process more efficient by employing faster and simpler working methods such as:


  • The ability to lessen the administrative burden of both; the Colombian military end-user and the foreign manufacturer,
  • Access to wide range of high-quality commercial products with extremely competitive prices,
  • Reduced administrative lead times by cutting off “middle men”, unwanted brokers and other “gate keepers”,
  • Provide the Colombian Armed Forces with a fast, well-designed, efficient procurement method to acquire the operational equipment and support services required to complete their mission.
  • MILGROUP provides responses to all RFP’s in a timely manner immediately capturing potential business opportunities.
  • We don’t always wait for the end user to come up with a requirement, often we approach them with new and innovative equipment not yet in their inventory.
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