MILGROUP is an elite Colombian Defense consulting firm and a commercial distributor of defense equipment with more than 16 years of experience in Colombia and Latin America. MILGROUP is run by U.S. Marines, combat veterans and former Army officers. We understand modern warfare and the operational needs of the Colombian Armed Forces. The company works and represent some of the very best foreign manufacturers of military, security and defense equipment in the world that offer innovative solutions and state of the art and key differentiator technologies and operational advantages. Our professional work relationship with key Colombian military institutions and government agencies gives MILGROUP the advantage of getting their customers where no other local sales agents and commercial representatives have gone before.

MILGROUP carries an impressive service portfolio that contains the exclusive representation of prestigious foreign companies in the world of Military, Law Enforcement and Security industries. We offer the Colombian Ministry of Defense with single-source solutions to meet almost any mission requirement as cost-effectively as possible. MILGROUP provides access to foreign military firms that specialize in; advanced weapon systems, special mission solutions, combat support equipment, special purpose items, C4ISR Mission critical information, first responders, expeditionary equipment, land warfare and maritime combat systems, robotics, UAV’s, tactical vehicles, etc.

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