Business divisions

MILGROUP is divided into three business divisions; Military representations, Government consulting and Private sector business advise and support. (Mainly private security for oil, gas and mining industry customers.) Our military Representations Division is subdivided into the following capture teams: Army sales team, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and National Police sales division. Each Sales team is led by a recently retired Lieutenant Colonel. By working only with subject matter experts (SMEs) our sales force increases our probability to win contracts by establishing robust connections with key decision makers on each branch of the Armed Forces. We connect the right sales team of experts in front of the right senior decision maker.

MILGROUP expertise also provides project management services to both; foreign defense firms and to the Colombian military. During the past few years, MILGROUP has been successfully involved in Colombia in many different projects, serving as a marketing platform, as well as sales agents and commercial distributors in the following areas: weapons systems, EOD equipment, robotics, maritime combat systems, advanced tactical training programs, land warfare, combat vehicles, expeditionary equipment and companies that specialize in the development of live-virtual-and constructive training.

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